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Check Out The Real Age Of Bigg Boss 10 Contestants – You Won’t Believe!

Bigg Boss is always in the talks because of amazing house members.  The show is once again in the talks not because of wild cat fights but for its amazing blend of common people and television celebs. You won't actually believe  or guess the real age of Bigg Boss member's real age, so it is the right time to reveal their real age!  So ready to be surprised and have a look at   unbelievable age of Bigg Boss contestant's age! Scroll down to have fun!

Vj Bani-28 years

She is 28 Year old VJ who started her career with Roadies and recently she has hosted many realities shows.

Rohan Mehra- 27 years

You must be thinking he is a teenager but he is not! He is 27 years old who started his career with Indian most famous show "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai"

Rahul Dev- 48 years

He seems young but he is 48 Years old, quite unbelievable.

Karan Mehra- 34years

The lovely boy from "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" is 34 years old!

Priyanka Jagga -32 years

The most famous Indian Bigg Boss Contestant is 32 years old

Gaurav Chopra - 37 years

This handsome television actor is 37 years old!

Lopamudra Raut - 25years

She is just 25 years old and already she won million hearts!

Mona Lisa -34 years

This Bhojpuri Actress is 34 years old!

Manoj Punjabi - 34 Years

This cool common man hunk is 34 years old!

Lokesh Kumar- 25years

This Delhi's Desi Chori is just 25 years old!

Manveer Gurjar- 29 years

A common man from Noida is 29 years old

Naveen Prakash - 26 years

This talented teacher is 26 years old.

Nitibha Kaul - 23 years

She seems the youngest member of the house who left Google job for Bigg Boss.

Om Swami - 59 years

OMG! I can't believe after watching his pool dance he is 59 years old!

Akanksha Sharma - 25 years

This Yuvraj's Ex Family member is Just 25 years old!

See Their Real Age!

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