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Cheerleader Gets Hit On The Head That Turns Into A Huge Brawl

When you go to watch your favorite game, you go there to cheer for your favorite team or player and to gawk at cheerleaders, am I right? When the game is football, a lot of yelling is bound to happen. The stadium is filled with excitement but yet, you never know if something bizarre happens, do you? What if the cheer leaders dancing in front of you, suddenly start hitting each other? Here is one similar story that is going to make you chuckle:

Cheerleaders are one of the most entertaining aspects in games like football.

You never miss the end of the game as well, because you want to check out the dance.

Shockingly, two drill teams of Dallas Madison and Wilmer-Hutchins engaged in a brawl at the end of the game dance off.

It happened when cheerleader from the other team came and showed-off her dance moves.

While dancing, she ended up hitting the girl in the blue on the head.

It seemed a part of dance but her and her teammates really did not take it well.

This resulted in gathering of students and parents as well in the stadium

Deshannon Roberts, the mother of the girl who got hit in the head, talks in the video.

Watch the video on the brawl, here.

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