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Crazy Roommate Confessions That Will Make You Crazy Too

Nobody is saint. We all have been evil mind once in a while in our lives. Today I have come with some of the funny, weird, and out of the box crazy confessions of the roommates that might enforce you to remind your crazy deeds.
So what are you waiting for?
Scroll down, read, laugh, and share it with others so that they can also cherish their treasured moments.

Pretty-face Roommate with Evil mind!

What to expect from your roommate when always evil rides her mind.

Very funny Revenge!

She didn’t let me eat my Oreo, now she won’t be able to eat too.

3 LOL!

Why to buy hair extensions when you can snip them from your roommate.

Was that revenge or Prank?


Some crazy sleeping problem!

God spare them.


May God bless them with clean brain


Comparison is good but of things down there, oh my Gosh!

When you don’t like your roommate.

What will you do?

Oh My god!

How cruel.

Hilarious revenge!

Stealing is a sin because you never know what could be its result.

Side effects of getting over drunk

Have you done that ever?

Gay Doc

But watch out dude, too much of affection can lead to anything!

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