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Dead Lizard Served With French Fries McDonald Is Not Safe Anymore!

A lot of us are big fans of McDonalds. Many of us consume french fries or Burger at McDonalds. Many health conscious Indians prefer to consume food at McDonalds because it is considered hygienic and clean considered to desi restaurants.
So, it must have come as a huge shock for Priyanka Moitra of Kolkata when she found a dead lizard inside her packet of French Fries. Priyanka Moitra is 6 months pregnant and she barely did not eat the french fries served to her.
Priyanka spotted the dead lizard in the nick of time and complained about it to the Mcdonalds staff who promised to replace the French Fried with another fresh packet of Fries.
Priyanka of course denied to have any more French Fries and she vomited upon seeing the dead lizard in her McDonalds food. Priyanka has decided to file a FIR against McDonalds management rightfully.
You must remember that even last year Angela Qiqi in Singapore had noticed big worms inside her Burger. But, Angela finished her burger before she came to know of the incident.
So, next time before you eat at McDonalds, be careful of what you order. Also, double check your food before you consume it. We urge Mcdonalds to take immediate action too so that public health is not put at any risk.

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