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Disha Patani’s Big Lie Caught, She Was Hiding This From Everyone!

Disha Patani has gained a lot of fame in Bollywood after the release of MS Dhoni The Untold Story. Disha Patani’s acting as MS Dhoni’s girlfriend in this super hit movie. Disha Patani gained critical recognition at a young age for this awesome role.
But, do you know that Disha Patani has has hidden some big secrets from all of us? Oh, yes you might have thought that Disha Patani is a sweet and innocent lady who never told us a lie, but wait Disha Patani has said multiple lies to the world.

It happens that Disha Patani’s real name is Disha Paatni not Disha Patani. So, why did Disha Patani say her real name is Disha Patani and not Paatni? Well, let’s try to know the other lie Disha Patanai has been telling the world.
In December 2012, Disha had particiapted in Miss Indore competition. In this event Disha had mentioned that her age is 20. Well, the problem is that Disha still claims that her age is only 20. How is that possible?
According to Disha her date of birth is July 27, 1995. But, earlier she mentioned that her date of birth is June 13, 1992. How is this difference of 3 years to be understood? Not just this how come Disha’s surname changed from Paatni to Patani?

After all this, Disha patani is still 20 years old.

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