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Donald Trump Played His Final Move And Has Done The Impossible! Bad Luck For Indians Once Again

donald trump
Since the day Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of United States of America, he has been giving us shocks. With a series of stubborn laws and strict rules and regulations, the whole America is finding itself in a prison rather than in a democratic country. He declared some very intangible rules resulting into an inevitable predicament of Indians, Blacks, and Muslims in the USA.
Now again Trump has c0me up with some menacing rules that could hinder the future of NRIs living in America further. This time he has played his trump card. His recent law could have a very great impact on marriage market in India.
According to The Marriage Bureaus of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh there has been a sudden drop in the demand of NRIs or men working in America after Trump became the President. Currently, there is no data available but it is certain that there will be a considerable decline in the demand of USA based men in future.
Apparently, an engineer was shot down by a drunk American in Kansas, after which the demand for USA-based grooms has fallen subsequently. Every year, many young men from Andhra Pradesh migrate to the USA every year for several reasons.
It has been proved by a data released by USA embassy which revealed that most of the student visas are issued by Hyderabad consulate in India. Hyderabad consulate stands at fifth position in the whole world.
Dayakar, MD of Hyderabad-based marriage bureau said,“Trump’s [immigration clamp down] decision has not only affected the job security of Indian techies working in the US, it has also affected the marriage of NRI [Non-Resident Indian] grooms. At present, parents of girls prefer grooms from software companies based in India over NRIs, which used to be the other way round till just a few months back.”
He also revealed that parents who are aspiring for USA-based groom have sided with their wishes. It is till their are not any favorable changes in the immigration policies. Although the court has put the charges on hold but one should always think two-ways.
People have been discarded their searching criteria. Subramanyam Sharma from Hyderabad, father of a 25-yr daughter, said, “I used to search for NRI matches [in the US], but I rejected 10 such matches after Trump’s rule.” He even suggested his relatives to stop searching for USA-based men until Donald Trump is the president.
Another Indian citizen, Ravi Reddy (55) who was earlier looking for an America-based groom for his daughter confessed the same.  He said, “I would prefer to give my daughter to grooms from any other place like Singapore, Australia – anywhere other than the US.”
There are also chances of more delaying of NRI marriages. Neelima, a marriage bureau employee, tells, “Normally NRIs marry very late. On an average, the minimum age of the NRI who is ready for marriage will be around 30 years. It takes another one or two years by the time they get married. Because of this effect [Trump’s anti-immigrant policies] it will get even more delayed.”
donald trump
However, there are some Indian men who are very confident about getting their bride. One young Indian, Chalapathi Rao (30), have not lost hope. He has been working with the Health department of the USA for the last five years. And looking for a bride for the last six months.
In the beginning the responses were quite good. Even though this sudden drop in demand he is quite optimistic about getting married. “I have a Greencard and work permit and I am employed with the US government. So there is no problem for me with regard to working in the US. My job is secure and there is no need to worry.”
What do you have to say about the policy on anti-migrant attitude of Donald Trump? Share your views with us.

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