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Donald Trump Was Caught Practising His Speech And Twitter Couldn’t Resist Making Memes

“Practice makes a man perfect.”
An old saying, but perfectly apt in today’s world too. One always needs to keep practising until they get the best at their job. And when you are the President of the United States of America, getting your facts and speeches right is (probably) the topmost thing on your priority list.
And that’s exactly what Donald Trump was doing before his first address to the joint session of the US Congress. But then, a camera caught him.
Trump sure looks like he's practicing his speech here

And as what always happens, Twitter took no time in making some hilarious memes. Check them out.

1. We have all been there, Donny boy

2. “Nobody rehearses better than me.”

"You is important... you is special... you is loved."  practicing his speech. 😂 

3. Any Seinfeld fans here?

Yo, did y'all see that crazy footage of Trump rehearsing his speech in the limo?  @IJasonAlexander

4. Bad lip reading? I don’t think so

5. Get it? Get it?

6. Yup, this pretty much sums it up

BREAKING: Hot mic catches Trump rehearsing speech.  pic.twitter.com/oxFTwqMwtQ
@TheDailyShow 'everything I do is great no one does it better than me. Everyone loves the Muslim ban but it's not a ban. My hands are bigly'

7. Or, maybe this

Check this out. Trump practicing his address in the back of the limo. pic.twitter.com/D7EWrlgZlo
@BraddJaffy @AndrewLSeidel I think he's singing "The Wheels on the Bus go round and round..."

8. This is me, one hour before the exam

9. ‘Yuge’ spoiler

Trump, in the back of limo, appears to be practicing his speech pic.twitter.com/oMnSVWXXot
@hunterschwarz "very bigly VERY bigly very BIGLY very BIGly VERy BigLY"

10. And, if we are talking about rehearsals

Donald Trump’s press conference achieved virtually nothing, except scaring the bejeezus out of the world: http://nyer.cm/oNpaMcF pic.twitter.com/GFmtHPtYuf

Making memes great again. 😀

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