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Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Who He Used To Mention In His Raps, Is Now A Stunning Girl

All the fans of Eminem have heard a lot about Eminem’s daughter Hailee through his raps. The Grammy award winner has rapped about her in over 20 songs including When I’m gone, mocking bird, Hailee’s song and many more. Though we have heard about his daughter through the lyrics, but we haven’t seen her yet.
Now his little princess has grown into a 21 years old stunning beauty. Even though Eminem is one of the popular rappers, 21 years old Hailee is far from his stardom. She lives a normal life and has graduated from school. Hailee is now a college student at Michigan State University.
The grammy winner has admitted: “My daughter comes first no matter what.If there’s important things going on in her life that I need to be there for, then I’ll drop what I’m doing.”
 “Hailie has been my main source of drive, a motivation, especially when she was first born and I didn’t have a career, I didn’t have money, I didn’t have place to live, so I think that really kicked me in the a** harder than anything.” said Eminem.

He further added,”I was like how am I gonna raise her? and that gave me that motivation. She has always been the driving force for me to stay busy, focused and always been the number one reason for fear and failure.”
He ended up saying, “Truth is, she is all I have got in this world. If everything ended tomorrow she is all I have.”
Look at her pics

She is totally gorgeous

Beauty! needs no makeup
Her grades in the University proves that she is very good in academics. However, in case she loses her interest in academics her pics say that she could make an amazing career at modeling.

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