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“Feminism Is Not A Stick To Beat Others With.” Emma Watson Talks Sense To Trolls.

Emma Watson was dragged into an unwanted controversy when people trolled her for posing topless on the cover of Vanity Fair.
For some reason, people assumed that posing topless (she wasn’t completely topless) does not go hand in hand with her feminist ideals. As if they have a say in what Emma Watson should believe in.
She was trolled on Twitter mercilessly, some people even resorted to calling her a ‘dick’.

She didn’t have to do this, but she did come out to explain herself. In an interview, she clarified what feminism really means to her. She said that feminism has nothing to do with her tits!

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Which makes sense. When was feminism ever about breasts and posing in any way in fashion shoots?

She went further and elaborated on how feminism is about equality, freedom, and liberation of women.

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Which makes sense. She also said that whenever she becomes a part of such a controversy, she is ‘quietly stunned’.
Which is understandable. For famous women, or any women for that matter, speaking out is a double edged sword. Speak too much and you are labeled as a ‘feminazi’. Speak too less, and you are a ‘suppressed woman’.

Watch the complete video here –

Women should not have to tread so carefully, dreading brickbats from the online community. What Emma spoke makes sense completely!
News Source – Channel 4 News

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