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Girl Was Trying To Save Her Cow And Then This Happened !

A beautiful village girl’s video is going viral on the Internet. In which she is fighting with Snake just to save their cow!
In village or small towns people keep pet animals like Cow, Dog, Buffalo aloLife in village is healthier and simple as compared with cities but in villages their is so many cases happens like snake bite.ng with them.
In India the death happens through snake bite is around 45000 each year and about 100000 cases never get registered. You will be shocked to know that in India we have more than 1 million cases of snake bite each year.
One day this beautiful girl took their cow to nearby ground for grazing and she was roaming around the ground with her cow. She was just alone in that ground.
Now a days anti-venom are easily available but all we need to know is which type and how poisonous the snake would be.
Suddenly she found a big snake attacks cow. She fights with snake just to save cow!

Watch full video what she do next ;-

She is brave. I hope you liked it.

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