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Here’s How The Indian Celebs Reacted To The Oscar’s ‘Best Picture’ Goof-Up!

OscarWhile Oscars 2017 has called the curtains down, the ‘conspiracy theories’ about the best picture goof up have just begun. Posing as an endless charade of what he-said and she-said, the fiasco that awarded ‘La La Land’ as the best picture for just 5 minutes, has sent social media into a frenzy! From WTF to OMG, expressions can be found galore and if you saw what happened on-stage, I’d bet you have one too!
While that is still that, seven seas across, even Indian celebs made themselves heard about the Oscars goof-up and how!

Don’t believe me? Cheggit out! 

1. Shabana Azmi is all of us right now.

What?!! I just cant believe what happened at the Oscars !!!

2. Farah Khan at her wittiest best!

 saving the best moment for last!At least this doesn't happen in our award shows.. we just give to whoever is still there in audience

3Farhan, on the other hand, sounded impressed!

Full respect to the producer of La La Land who announced Moonlight as the winner. Pure grace. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 

4. Karan Johar is not afraid of calling a spade, a spade

That was the most ridiculous and hysterical goof up in the history of the academy awards!!!!! 


Warren will want to BEAT someone! And Faye just faded away! 

6. You spoke my heart out, Rohan!

As far as I'm concerned, that epic fuck-up is the best picture of the year.

7. LOL is an understatement!

8. Even Sonu Sood understands it for what it is!

9. The nation wants to know! REALLY

10. But the wackiest of all…

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11. Arshad Warsi, in fact, just dropped a bomb!

Oscars have categories & then chose a winner, we chose a winner & then decide a category.
And you thought Indian glitterati didn’t do opinions!

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