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Here’s One More Bad News For The Kapil Sharma Show Fans As Indian Idol Took Its Place!

source: DNA news
The problems of Kapil Sharma didn’t seems to put an end after stepping into the controversy with Sunil Grover. When on one hand Sunil Grover deny the rumours of making a comeback in “The Kapil Sharma Show”, on the other hand Sony Tv has started deduction in the Kapil’s show. According to sources, Channel has decided to telecast “The Kapil Sharma Show” only on Saturday and will not be telecast on Sunday.
source: Google News
This decision has been taken after seeing the TRP of the show coming at a ground level all of a sudden after the controversy that took place between Kapil and Sunil.  Also, paucity of Sunil Grover in the show is making everyone feeling bad. Doctor Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi, these both characters are very famous that will not be seen anymore in the show.

source: You Tube
Gradually decrease in  TRP ratings of the show made the channel to come up at this conclusion that instead of Kapil’s show, they will be focusing more on the finale of Indian Idol-9. Its results into dropping the Kapil Sharma and concentrating on Indian Idol 9. Singing reality show i.e. Indian Idol Finale will start from 8 pm and will be telecasted for more than an hour and this is he reason for dropping Kapil Sharma Show.
source: TheIndiaPost
According to rumours, on AIR show shooting that will be from scheduled for 1st April, Saturday,is preponed and will be on 29 March. News also spread that Ali Asgar may come back into the show.  But yes, things are not cleared yet whether Sunil Grover will be back in the show or not.

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