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How You Expect Sleeping With Your Partner & How It Actually Is

When you are in a relationship with someone or you are married then sharing the bed is usual. Sharing bed is considered as a very romantic thing. But not everytime it turns out as a good romantic option. Until the two of you are awake, everything is all good. But as one of you doze off, things can take a different toll.
Here in these funny illustrations we have shown how we expect sleeping partners is, but what actually happens in reality
Cuddling might be cute for many people. But not everyone likes it all the time
Expectations vs. reality
At the beginning of the relationship, it’s like half the bed belongs to you and half to her. But once you spent a certain number of months, the whole bed belongs o he and she may accidently knock you off the bed.
After a certain period of time, farting isn’t an issue anymore. Luckily you can walk 10 miles away from your partner when you are awake. But once you are in a blanket there’s no going back.
Cut off your monstrous nails please !
When one partner has a fixed sleeping routine, you have to give up for his sound sleep
Baby say cheese while the boy is resting down
It is awesome to go to sleep at night with your partner. But waking up after 8 hours of things, things doesn’t always happen as you had expected.
Aren’t these true? Share this with your friends who are soon going to shift in with their partner.

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