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Hugh Jackman’s First Audition As Wolverine Is As Kickass As His Last Performance As Logan

It’s not much of a spoiler that Hugh Jackman will never play Wolverine ever again. He played it for the last time in the latest movie ‘Logan’. He is a delight to watch in all the X-Men movies as Wolverine and his huge fan following is a testament to his awesome acting abilities.

But have you ever wondered how he landed the role of Wolverine? Watch this Hugh Jackman audition to quench your Wolverine thirst.

Did he get into the raw, feral mood during his auditions? Were the casting directors blown away with his performance during the auditions just as we were in the theaters?
We are always very curious to see how the producers get the casting just perfect. Well, your doubts will vanish after you see Hugh Jackman in his FIRST EVER audition for ‘X-Men’.
Go ahead, give yourself a good nostalgia ride.

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