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Hugh Jackman's Original Wolverine Audition Clip From 1999 Goes Crazy Viral!

Hugh Jackman's Logan is winning hearts all over. From critics to the audience, everyone has only love to give to the film. The collections too prove that Hugh Jackman is a star, whom we love to love. 


Let us all teleport you to the beginning point of Hugh Jackman's wolverine journey. The audition tape from 1999, that is going crazy viral on the internet was shot during a worldwide casting search for X-Men. 

Jackman was then busy performing on stage as Curly McLain in Oklahoma in London, where he took time out to audition with director Bryan Singer in between performances. However, he lost out on the role and it went to Dougray Scott.
But it was Scott's unfortunate injury on the Australian set of Mission: Impossible 2,  that filmmakers had to look for a replacement. And X-Men producer Lauren Schuler Donner then could only think of Hugh Jackman's tape and Hugh Jackman was brought back. Watch that iconic audition clip right here!

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