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“If A Lady Says No, She Means Maybe,” Warren Buffett’s Sexist Remark Sparks Uproar On Twitter

Renowned investor and philanthropist, Warren Buffet is a man who needs no introduction. From general people to the American President, everyone looks up to him for his advice on financial matters and even wisdom on general topics. This time, however, Mr Buffett is in the news for not a good reason.
‘Kraft Heinz’, a food company backed by Buffett’s ‘Berkshire Hathaway’ recently tried taking over consumer goods manufacturer, ‘Unilever’. The latter, however, rejected the $143 billion offer.

In a recent interview with CNBC, while speaking about the failed takeover attempt, Mr Buffett tried to make an analogy between Unilever and a woman, and it doesn’t sound quite right.

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“Well, if a diplomat says yes, he means maybe. If he says maybe, he means no. And if he says no, he’s no diplomat. And if a lady says no, she means maybe. And if she says maybe, she means yes. And if she says yes, she’s no lady. So he probably got a maybe and didn’t know whether it was coming from a diplomat or a lady, essentially.”

People were not pleased by Mr Buffett’s remarks and slammed him on Twitter.

1. Criticism started flowing instantly on the distasteful remark

2. Definitely not a good story 

Why do men resort to stupid boys club anecdotes? NO MEANS NO! Warren Buffett: 'When a lady says no, she means maybe' http://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/warren-buffet-women-comments-business_us_58b59f6be4b0a8a9b78664dc 

3. Shameful indeed

4. Sums up quite right

"And if a lady says no, she means maybe. And if she says maybe, she means yes. And if she says yes, she’s no lady.”

5. The emoji says it all

Warren Buffett's: 'When A Lady Says No, She Means Maybe' - The Huffington Post
Vomit, vomit, vomit. 😠 https://apple.news/A5RJ7psuBReWimPyIzefctg 
Coming from a personality like Mr Buffett, the remark is certainly a shocker for us all. He might not have thought about the consequences of his statement, but he should make an apology at the earliest.
News Source: CNBC

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