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If You Think You Know Anything About Our Solar System, You Are Wrong

If You Think You Know Anything About Our Solar System, You Are Wrong
The entire universe is a hub of mysteries. There are some unquestionable truths that people are quite unaware. Astronomy is a book of questions and numerous doubts. There are some assumptions for people about Solar System as they think in a faulty way. Here are some of the facts that people look at them as untrue things. Have a look!
  1. Is Earth Spherical?
We learned some facts in our text books that say ‘Earth is spherical in shape’. This is true in fact. But, in a contradictory manner, this fact is untrue in some other cases. Because of the perpetual movement of the universal plates, the shape of the planet Earth will change continuously. On an average, the continental plates will move in a slow manner i.e., 5cm per year. However, this will definitely show some impact on the appearance of the planet.
  1. Dark Side of Moon
When the rays of the sun fall, one side of the moon shines. On the other side of the moon, it appears dark permanently. The sun shines and makes the moon warm on both sides of the moon i.e., on visible and invisible parts. The time that the moon takes to revolve across the axis equals with the time it takes to move around the earth orbit. This is the reason; we can see only one side of the moon.
  1. Temperature of Mercury
As we all know, Mercury is extremely closer to the Sun. This is the reason; the temperature of the planet Mercury will be more than any other planet in the universe. In fact, the hottest ever planet in the Solar System is Venus. Irrespective of the distance of this planet from Sun, the average temperature of Mercury during day is 350 degree Centigrade.
  1. Is colour of Sun Yellow?
Most of the people think that the colour of the sun is yellow. In actual sense, the colour of sun is white. There is a reason for Sun to appear in yellow colour before the eyes of human beings. The effect of the wavelength will make the sun appear in yellow colour.
  1. Is Earth far from Sun in winter than in summer?
There is a myth that most of the people believe about the sun and the earth. Some assume that the earth is far from the sun in winter than in summer season. In actual sense, this is quite opposite. In summer, the southern hemisphere is quite warm than northern hemisphere. In the month of January, earth will come closer to Sun.

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