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Instagram Girl Posts Video Of Her Enormous 70-Inch Bum To Prove It's Not Photoshopped

Many of the people living across the globe feel bad about their hairs, eyes, nose, jaw line, or every other part of their body, which they can see! They go to gyms, try different medicines, ointments, and surgeries to make them look perfect. Even then they do not feel “satisfied,” rather their craving for perfection push them towards depression!
But see what an Atlanta-based mum Raylynn did with her enormous 70-inch bum.
I’m not tricking you. Don’t you believe me? Scroll down to read the story of this confident Mum with huge Bum!

Her video gone viral on Instagram

This jaw-dropping video of an Atlanta-based woman with huge 70-inch bum is not any magic or trick of technology. The woman dressed in a white crop top and a tight pair of black and white leggings seems to be walking in her living room, hitting her bum, and doing some sultry moves, is all true. Her name is Raylynn.

Her bum build up its own fan following!

Even Kim Kardeshan doesn’t have that big bum and Raylynn has huge bum without any surgery. Well, to many of the guys it might seem a god’s gift! She posted many of her photographs and videos on Instagram, which amassed more than 120,000 fans of her ginormous bum.

To put an end to all accusation, she replied with a video...

When everybody was saying “Boo!” for the pics her 70-inch bum with believe that those pics were all photoshopped or some other technology trick, she posted a video in which she was flaunting her huge derriere with full confidence.

More and more people watching her video

So far, her shot clip has been watched 133,000 times and got more than 120,000 followers on Instagram.

Comments of her fans

"Good on you for being proud of your body."
"I love your body your perfect and look happy (sic)."

But how did she get such a gigantic bum?

Actually, Raylynn suffers from lymphoma. What? Yes, you read right. It is a condition in which your body tissues swell up.

'Strong Supporter of Body Positivity’ – Raylynn!

Well we all should appreciate the confidence of Raylynn! There are many people out there in the world that blame God and destiny for every bad thing happen to them and hibernate into the shell of depression. But she didn’t do anything like that. She posted her photos and videos on Instagram.

Subscription Service

Today she has become so popular due to her asset that now she has set up a monthly subscription service that cost £8.20 per month. If you want to see her more photos and videos to boost your or your loved one’s confidence you can sign up and avail this subscription service.

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