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JIO Updates: This Will Happen To Your Jio Sim If Are Not A JIO Prime Member

Mukesh Ambani few days back, announced that the free Jio Services will come to an end after March 31. Yes, March 31 is the deadline. To continue the use of Jio sim you would have to subscribe for the Jio Prime Membership that costs Rs99 only.
After you get the prime membership, you can use the services of Reliance Jio. To avail 4G data services you would have to pay Rs303 per month. But what will happen if you don’t get the prime membership.
Many Jio users are thinking that the calling will remain free lifelong but no that’s no true. The free calling services is free only upto 31st March.
Rs 99 plan is not enough to continue Jio services. Additionally, you would have to take monthly plans also or else your number may get disconnected.

Post 31st March, 2017, if you have not recharged with any plan, your services will stop. You will be able to get incoming voice calls and SMS for certain period,” reads the Jio Prime FAQ page.
According to Jio’s terms and conditions, if you don’t recharge with any plan, you will only get incoming calls. Moreover, after a certain period of time, that service will also be discontinued. If you are a prime member of Io but do not recharge with any of the plans, you will only receive incoming calls. But the number will be disconnected after a certain time period.
In case you are not a prime member but want to continue using the service, there are several other plans for you. but that would be more costly that the ones for the prime members.
If you are still wondering, we suggest going for Jio. It provides much cheaper plans than any other network available.

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