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Journalist Rana Ayuub Wished Diwali Mubarak On Holi! Checkout How Twitterati Trolled Her

Rana Ayyub
When your life is going black and white, make sure your dreams are colorful. But on the occasion of Holi, not only your dreams but even your black and white life gets filled with colors. Everybody in India knows the importance of Holi and different regions celebrate this festival in their own way.
Rana Ayyub
People get a day off from their busy schedule and unlike the rest of the days, they don’t spend it in being lazy. They play with colors and waters AND the yummy dishes. They are just inseparable! Since people have less time these days, they prefer messaging or forwarding messages to their loved ones on social media.
Social media is the best option to wish a large number of people at one time but there is a drawback of to it. Even if a small mistake is made in the post, people start trolling you like crazy. A similar thing happened with an Indian journalist Rana Ayyub who took twitter to wish everyone on the occasion.
Rana Ayyub made a blunder while posting the Holi message!
She clicked a good photo of ghujias which is our main Holi dish. But made a blunder of the picture! Instead of writing Happy Holi she wished Diwali Mubarak to everyone! She didn’t even realize and soon after posting the message, people started trolling her.

Here is how they trolled her!
As drinking bhaang is one of the most important parts of celebrating Holi, people trolled her saying that she started her day with a glass bhaang. One of them wrote ‘zyada hogai kya’ (bhaang) while the other trolled her in her own manner writing ‘Aapko bhi eid mubarak’.
Since Rana Ayyub is famous for her anti-BJP outlook while trolling her people highlighted that aspect too. One of the trollers even posted a picture of a dish with BJP sign on it. He captioned the pic ‘Apko chahiye shuddh kamal k pedh’.
Being a journalist it is kind of shameful to make mistakes like these. Yes we are humans and we make mistakes, but on a social platform when there are thousand of people who follow you is absurd. Rana should have read her post before posting it and now she must be regretting her decision.
She should have carefully checked the message before sharing with everyone. Hope she doesn’t repeat the same mistake next time and reads her message twice. When you are a public figure, you should be very careful with your words and wishes. What’s your take in this? Please let us know.

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