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Kapil’s Reply To Sunil Grover’s Message “Don’t Act Like God” Shows How Desperately Kapil Wants Him Back On The Show

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma’s fight is getting uglier day by day. Kapil Sharma reportedly abused his team including Sunil Grover in a drunk state. His whole team is miffed at his arrogant and bossy behavior. Kapil who is known for his humble nature has been in news lately for all wrong reasons.
Kapil’s co-actors Sunil Grover and Chandan had decided to quit the show. Sunil Grover took to Twitter to express his emotions. He asked Kapil not to act like a god and respect human beings as he respects animals. In his letter, it is evident that Sunil is not happy with his behavior.
This is the message posted by Sunil Grover on Twitter
Kapil knows this very well that Sunil Grover is the soul of the show. Many people watch the show just to see him act as Dr. Mashhoor Gulathi.

Kapil’s reply to his message shows he needs Sunil Grover back on the show
Dr. Mashhoor Gulathi is one one of the most popular character of the show. That’s why Kapil tried to calm him down through his tweet. He replied to Sunil Grover by saying that he loves him and will see him in the evening.
It is not the first time that both the comedians had a fallout. A few years back also, Sunil had quit Comedy Nights With Kapil after facing some issues with the comedian. Gutthi was the most popular character of the show. Therefore, the show faced a drastic fall in Trp.
@WhoSunilGrover today packed up at 6 am after so long n I missed so many things.. love u .. see u in evening at ur home
After quitting the show, Sunil started his own show. However, that show also received just an average response from the public. This is evident that public wants to see them together. They are not competing in nature but complementary to each other. The sooner both realize it, the better it will be for them.

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