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Kejriwal Promised To Turn Delhi Into London And Twitter Imagined How It’d Be Like

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi is one of the favourite personalities of Indian Twitterverse. From his Goan flower crown to his Delhi referendum remark, Twitter has always loved having fun with him, probably because he keeps giving them reasons to do so.

On Sunday while delivering a speech, CM Kejriwal promised that he will make Delhi comparable to London in just a year if the Aam Aadmi Party wins the upcoming municipal elections.

The claim, as always, invited a lot of amusing comments on Twitter. Check out the best ones here.

1. Seems legit

Only if Delhiites starts saying, "Big Ben-cho" instead of "Bhencho".

2. Oh, so this is how he got the idea

Trump: Make America great again.
Kejriwal: Make Delhi great Britain.

3. I wonder if this bridge will lift like the one in London

4. Arvind of the house Kejriwal, first of his name, King of the andals and the old men?

Kejriwal will turn Delhi into London by applying England type kingdom rule in whole India and sitting on throne himself.

5. Made in China types?

6. Smartest politician ever?

Kejriwal: I have turned Delhi into London

Public: par free wi-fi, cctvs, schools, colleges kahan hai??

K: Wo maine Delhi ke liye bola tha

7. And God save the queen 

8. Seems about right

9. Can’t argue that

10. Haters will say it’s Photoshopped

Delhi ko London banane ke liye Big Ben ki height measure karte huye Kejriwal ji  

11. Close enough

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
1- What Kejriwal promised to make Delhi

2- What Kejriwal has actually made Delhi

12. Straight outta Buckingham palace 😛

@ArvindKejriwal Delhi ko London banane ke baad Kejriwal ji ki Exclusive tasveer.

13. Who knew Ishant Sharma would be better as a meme than a bowler

Delhi's reaction to Kejriwal's promise of making a London out of Delhi.

14. Smart!

My daughter wants to go to London for her vacation
Told her wait for a year
Kejriwal will make Delhi ..London in a year 😜

15. Just like the good old ‘odd-even’ days

Both Mamatadi & Kejri have promised to turn Kolkata & Delhi into London. Kolkata will b London for summers & Delhi will b London for winters

Whether or not Delhi gets a makeover, Twitter certainly got its daily dose of humour.

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