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KRK Tried To Take A Dig At The Phogat Sisters And The Wrestlers Put Him In His Place!

KRKThe Gurmehar Kaur row has been the eye of the controversy for days now. While the 20-year-old who protested against ABVP has withdrawn from the movement, the consequences of her opinion have created an uproar in the nation. From dividing viewpoints to war of words, the country is witness to all.
The last we heard, legendary coach, Mahavir Singh Phogat slammed lyricist, Javed Akhtar for calling Gita and Babita ‘hardly literate.’ But who knew, it was only the beginning of a never-ending charade.

Recently KRK, the self-proclaimed film critic, took to Twitter and the moment to diss the Phogat sisters because they condemned Gurmehar’s words. He wrote, 

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I was having highest respect for Phogat girls but they don't deserve it, because They are born to live on govt incentives n benefits only.
If u r players n u consider urself pride of nation then don't do politics, n if u do politics to get benefits then don't call urself players

But the Phogat sisters are not ones to sit and sulk. They took turns and gave a fitting reply to KRK.

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@kamaalrkhan जिनको आप दो कौड़ी का खिलाड़ी बोल रहे हो ना उन्होने देश को मेडल और सम्मान दिलाया है।आपने देश के आपमान के अलावा कुछ किया है? 😡😡 https://twitter.com/kamaalrkhan/status/836673461154086913 

2. The right kind of nationalism 

पढ़ लिख कर गद्दारी करने से अच्छा है अनपढ़ रहकर देशभक्त बने और देश के लिए खेलकर देश का नाम रोशन करे... ek bar bolo #hindustanjindabad# https://twitter.com/kamaalrkhan/status/836667817399369728 

3. And they deserve all. Even more. 

No one gives any incentives without reason. Phogat sisters have proved themselves & earned respect. https://twitter.com/kamaalrkhan/status/836833745969823744 
Wonder when this is going to stop. It’s time we put a period at all the name-calling and branding, don’t you think?

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