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Krushna Abhishek To Replace Sunil Grover On Kapil Sharma’s Show?

Krushna replace Sunil
A majority of the cast of The Kapil Sharma Show, have quit the show after the scuffle between Kapil and Sunil Grover. As everyone was very disappointed with Kapil’s behavior in a flight, none of them is willing to return. So it is obvious that it might be a time for replacements.
krushna replace sunil
Who will replace Mashoor Gulati?
After Sunil Grover declared quits, which actor is good enough to play the role of Mashoor Gulati was the biggest question? But the waiting is over as for Sunil’s replacement role, Krushna Abhishek has stepped up. However, several questions were raised regarding if Raju Srivastava is best fitted for the role or Krushna Abhishek?
krushna replace sunil
How Krushna Abhishek came into the light?
During an interview with an entertainment portal, Krushna Abhishek revealed that the audience will soon see him pair up with Kapil. The interviewer asked for his views on Sunil quitting the show to which he replied, “It’s all right. There might be chances of me and Kapil working together.”
krushna replace sunil
Talking about his bonding with the standup comedian he said, “I never had an issue with Kapil. We respect each other a lot. Yes, there might be some petty issues between us but we never disrespect each other. His best thing is that he keeps his personal professional lives separate. I don’t actually understand why people are talking bad about him.”
krushna replace sunil
Krushna replaced Kapil on The Comedy Nights
About a year and a half ago, Krushna replaced Kapil on Comedy Nights With Kapil. Even the name of the show was changed to Comedy Nights Live. At that time nothing was going well between the two comedians and Krushna even made fun of Kapil on the show. Moreover, he taunted Kapil during an interview.

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