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Like Kanan Gill And Abish Mathew, We Were Also Wondering #WhatsWithTheGs? Now, We Know!

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If you are a Twitter-buff, just like me, then it is safe to guess that you’ve taken note of the trend circling on the micro-blogging site — #WhatsWithTheGs? And, if you are an avid online shopper (again, just like me) and Flipkart loyalist, then you must’ve seen the G-load on their Twitter handle. Right?!

What’s gggggoing on?

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Well, we are not alone in wondering that. Funny guys Kanan Gill and Abish Mathew too chanced upon the same and are asking Flipkart, #WhatsWithTheGs ?

Ordered something on @Flipkart & my confirmation mail has many extra Gs. Is this some numerology funda? 

So did Mr Trendulkar.

And, Twitterati started asking the right questions.

Can't wait to know what's happeningggg at Flipkart ?? Why so many extra Gs ??  @Flipkart

With a bit of confusion.

@umangjani99 @Flipkart Well , I am confused as I so clueless about it. Been wondering  . Do you have any idea about it?

And, excitement.

@FarebiAankhein @Flipkart I think there's a gggggreat surprise for all us Flipkart fans 

To top it up, Flipkart just posted this cryptic G-overload-at-their-office video.

It's true... the Gs have taken over! Check out the video!

Let us know your take on the G overload at Flipkart. 

Wut, is up with so many Gs? Geez!

@Flipkart Whoa! The Ggggg fever is catching on rapidly. Eager to find out what it is all about 

Then, while the usual scroll and surf through the Twitter-feed, here’s an interesting conversation I stumbled upon.

It happens to be one of those days when @Flipkart is overwhelmed with excitement. @Flipkart how is the G overload going?
Hey @Moto_IND, we’re actually loving the G takeover at Flipkart! ;)
We're sending a whole lot of love your way @Flipkart. Make way for the ultimate ! It is time to !

Ooooohhh! Now, I see where this is going. Moto G5 Plus, huh?! Well, this video definitely clears some doubts about this kickass partnership.

.@Moto_IND A big warm welcome to ! The most awaited G is all set to be available exclusively on Flipkart on the 15th.
Time to say Hello Moto on Flipkart!
P.S. Most of the extra Gs were 5 in number, plus a couple of them here and there, indicating G5 Plus. See, my inner Sherlock cracked it after all.
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* smirks *
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