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Man Caught On CCTV Drowning Three-Year-Old Stepdaughter In Pool Jailed For 100 Years

Its bizarre that people can commit such heinous crimes. This man drowned a little baby in a pool and was thankfully caught on camera, but it is shocking why he did such a cruelty. What could have a 3 year old do to him? Some people act so insensitively (well, this is a small word)and it seems like the punishment they get is also not enough. Read the full post to know the whole story.

Shocking CCTV footage!

In this footage, a guy Jose David N was caught tossing the child over and over again into the water. The child was his three years old step daughter and it looked like this guy had not even a twinge of remorse or shame in throwing her in a pool full of water. Then, he even left the little one to drown.

Incident happened in Morelia

This disturbing footage was filmed on August 12, 2015 in south-western Mexican state of Michoacan, Morelia. This happened when the mother of the baby was sleeping inside the hotel room. This footage shocked everyone in South America and people were outraged.

Man was unwilling to admit.

When court found the man guilty he pleaded that he was surprised that the kid drowned. Although, the footage was enough to prove him guilty of the act. After deliberation, judges Juan Salvador Alonso Mejia, Ana Lilia Garcia Cardona and Noe Reyes Millan found him guilty of killing her.

The disturbing footage

Judge Garcia Cardona declared how the man dragged the little girl’s hair and held her tiny body in such a position in the water that it was not possible for her to breathe. The defence tried to say that the she had died outside the pool only, but it was rejected by the court judges. Now David will serve 100 years in jail.

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