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Meet London’s Richest Kids Who Show Off Their Insanely Lavish Lifestyle On Instagram

What would you do if you were among the richest people of the world? You would probably spend your dollars on shopping, spas or invest it in a business. However, the richest kids of London use their money in some other way. They boast about their wealth and flaunts it on Instagram.
Instagram is a social networking site that has become quite popular among youths. It has become a platform to share your pictures with your followers. While some people just sit at home seeing pics, others flaunt their lavish lifestyle. The richest kids of London belongs to the second category. They flaunt their insanely crazy lifestyle with their followers on Instagram.
These are the pics that these rich kids posted
They boast about the wealth by posting their mom’s bag full of money
Rarely seen Gold Bentley and Ferrari together 

Chilling at a mansion be like….
Living a thug life
These young people own their private jet. But we fail to understand how wearing sunglasses in a private jet makes sense? Money can buy everything but not common sense.
This is what you call luxury lifestyle
Most of us dream about a bathtub full of champagne. They actually own one
Boasting of their collection of cars standing outside their house
Using money instead of tissue. How thoughtful of them. We hope one day they don’t replace food with money and start eating the notes instead.

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