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Missing This Fight Between Wild King Cobra And Python Is Like Committing A Sin

Missing This Fight Between Wild King Cobra And Python Is Like Committing A Sin
In our daily lives, we switch to wildlife channels like Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery Channel to watch wild fights between animals. However,  a battle for survival took place in Singapore when two hissing snakes (a cobra and a python) got engaged into a bloody fight on a roadside.
Here the scary video of both the snakes fighting!
Of all types of fights, especially between the creatures, stay away from the snake vs. snake showdowns. It gets ugly! Here are few shots from the road where these wild snakes found their way out to the survival.
The two snakes looked adamant to destroy each without considering that they could get run over.
King cobra attempted to free itself from the tight grip of the python to escape the absolute death near the neck.
The exposed head of the python bashed out at the cobra’s long body while the cobra tried to use its deadly teeth to pierce and inject the dose of poison.
Tying itself around the brown head of the cobra, the python squeezed the neck of the cobra, with no desire to let go. 
Several robust rolls of the cobra’s body and it started to overpower the python. The cobra started to expose its fangs, with light pink roof of its open mouth visible. During the tussle, all of a sudden, the cobra frees itself from the python’s grip. The cobra leaves the python lying in a dazed confusion by the roadside to the mercy of the pest control team.

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