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MMS Leaked : Rakhi Sawant Changing Clothes Unaware Of The Camera Is Viral On The Internet!

Recently, South Indian Celebrity Suchitra Karthi led to a lot a leaked releases and scandals which git tagged as #SuchiLeaks . The whole South Film Industry including Tollywood and Kollywood were left shell shocked by #SuchiLeaks.
Now, recently a video of Rakhi Sawant is going viral over the internet in which Rakhi Sawant is undressing and then wearing her clothes. This video which is also being distributed on the internet forums and other social media networks across India. So, has Rakhi Sawant seen this MMS herself?
We talked to Rakhi Sawant through sources about this shameful incident and we need not say Rakhi Sawant is highly upset over this objectionable video breaking the internet.
Rakhi Sawant has claimed that the person in the video is not her, but Rakhi Swant is extremely upset that some of her enemies in the film industry have decided to defame Rakhi Sawant in such a cheap way.
Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold image in Bollywood and is also known as a style icon, an alpha woman among feminists. Rakhi Sawant is known for her controversial kiss with Mika earlier but there has never earlier been a MMS about her before this incident.
When pressed further Rakhi Sawant has said that ‘ It is possible that person in the objectionable video is Rakhi Sawant herself’. So, it seems Rakhi Sawant herself is confused about who is the person in the video.
All, we can say is that if you watched this Rakhi Sawant MMS, you should immediately delete the video and report the matter to police so that Rakhi Sawant’s modesty can be saved. We appeal to all to support Rakhi Sawant in this difficult time. Rakhi Sawant, the alpha woman and style incon needs our support and well wishes today. God bless Rakhi Sawant.

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