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Mumbai Couple Forced To Leave The City After Their Video of Hugging Went Viral

We pay at the ticket counter of the cinemas to watch a romantic flick portraying a love story between a girl and a boy. But when it comes to real life even hugging publicly is a crime to some people of the society. You can pee publicly. That’s all cool but when you hug publicly it’s not tolerable. A couple of Mumbai didn’t know that hugging each other can lead them in trouble.
A couple of Bhiwandi are facing wrath from local community leaders after their video of hugging went viral. In the video, the boy is proposing the girl by going down on his knees. And when girl accepted his proposal they hugged each other. However, their act of hugging each other became a big trouble for the couple.
Someone shot their video and uploaded it on the Internet. The video went viral. The couple were threatened to make them do sit ups publicly. The man had to apologize on a video.
We are upset. My daughter has threatened to commit suicide if the harassment does not stop. It’s unethical of some people to react in this way over a silly mistake.” Girl’s father told the media.

Initially, the founder president of National LokHind party Baddiuzzaman Khan, wanted the couple to do sit ups. He has now told the media that he has changed his plan now. They are now planning to take legal action against the couple to cause traffic on road.
On March 11, Salim came to Shabnam’s college to meet her (changed names). Seeing her he stopped the car and went down to his knees to propose her. When she accepted his proposal they both hugged each other.
Little did the couple know that this beautiful moment will soon turn into a nightmare for them. What’s even more shocking is that the people who threatened the couple are not accepting that they did something wrong. According to them, they are protecting the society from the western culture.
Watch this video here
Thane police have received threatening complaints from the girl’s family. They are ensuring strict action against the people who are acting as moral police.

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