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Narendra Modi’s Reply To Guy’s Tweet “Modi Works For Me” Is Doing Rounds On Internet

Action speaks louder than words” This stands absolutely true for honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Unlike other ministers who are known for making false promises, Narendra Modi stands for what he promises.
That was the reason of BJP’s stupendous victory in the most important state of India that is Uttar Pradesh. After the phenomenal victory, it is proved that youth are choosing development over everything. All they want is a prosperous and developed country.
From Demonetization to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, he is leaving no area untouched. He is the most hardworking prime minister a country can get.
Narendra Modi is not unknown to the public for his down to earth behavior. And he once again proved his humbleness and down to earth behavior on Twitter.

Everyone is well aware that the prime minister is very active on social media. He uses the social media to stay connected with the public and keep them updated with his work. His followers are also following the way of social media to stay connected with their inspiration.
He has millions of followers due to his hard work. One such follower of him is Ajeet Singh. Recently he took to twitter to appreciate him for the work he is doing. On the tweet, someone asked him if he works for the prime minister.
Ajeet gave a befitting reply to that person that not him, it’s Modi himself who works for him(Indian citizens) So true Modiji is working selflessly for the citizens of India. He knows his priorities and working day and night to fulfill his promises that he made to the citizens.

The tweet read “One of my follower casually asked me: Do you work for @narendramodi? I smiled and said: No dear, he works for me..#IAmNewIndia”
This is the tweet by Ajeet
One of my follower casually asked me: Do you work for @narendramodi ?
I smiled and said: No dear, he works for me..
Narendra Modi saw the tweet and was quick to reply to Ajeet’s tweet.
Modiji’s reply to the tweet was wonderful. Our respect to the honorable prime minister has increased more after reading the tweet.
Not only he is a politician, but a youth icon and inspiration for all of us.

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