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Navjot Singh Sidhu: “It’s My Duty To Bring Kapil And Sunil Together”

After a week long brawl between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover finally a good news for Kapil Sharma fans. The politician as well as the judge of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has taken on him the responsibility to bring them together.
After Kapil Sharma allegedly abused Sunil Grover, the latter had decided to boycott the show. Not only him but Kapil’s Best friend Chandan also left the show. Even a whole episode of the show was shot in their absence when Taapsee Pannu came on the show to promote her upcoming film.
Kapil even apologized to the actor for misbehaving with him. But he was in no mood to forgive the comedian. When the makers tried to convince him to come back on the show, he asked for a hike in his pay. That might have given the producers a mini heart-attack.
The makers were left with no option than to call for his replacement. According to the sources, makers of the show made an emergency call to Sunil Pal, Ahsaan Qureshi and Raju Shrivastava.

Fans unhappy with Kapil’s new team
The makers might have contacted the best comedians as the replacement. However, fans are unhappy with Kapil’s new team. They want Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma to get back together.
If they decide to split, it would be the biggest loss for the fans. Fans are the one who are most affected after their brawl. Sunil Grover is one of the most loved and popular characters of the show. And the show is totally incomplete without him. Both of them complements each other.
Navjot Singh Siddhu-  Last hope for fans
Amidst this tension, finally there is a light of hope for the fans. Navjot Singh Sidhu the judge of the show has taken the responsibility to bring them together.
Kapil and Sunil are brothers. Being a senior member of the show, it is my duty to bring them together again” assured the politician.

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