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Now You Can Style Your Hair According To Your Face Shape!

Girls Haircut
Every person has a unique contour and bone structure. If one hairstyle looks good on a celebrity, that does not mean that it will look good on you too. This is because there are significant features on every person’s face that differ and can result in a drastic difference. So before you chop your hair or try on a different hairstyle, refer to the list below that contains 6 face contours and hairstyles according to them:
1. Round face
Girls Haircut
Hair length that ends just below the chin and has pudginess on top are the best for a round-shaped face. This is because this cut puts emphasis on the roundness of the face. One can also try layers to avoid the chubbiness of round face and make it appear leaner. Do not try on free cuts and add volume to the edges of the face.
2. Square face
Girls Haircut
A square face with more prominent jawline can be made softer with free curls or waves. Textured layers are also a good option as they soften the jawline. Bob and bangs are a big no-no for a square face because they put more emphasis on the face cut instead of the long straight hair.
3. Oval face
Girls Haircut
Oval faces look beautiful and more or less, any hairstyle looks good on them. One need not think much about their hairstyle if they have an oval face as they have too many options available. The length of hair does not matter with such face shape. And one can also pull their hair back, to show their features. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid heavy bangs with an oval face, as that overshadows the features.

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