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Pakistani Women Share The Reasons They Got Rejected For A ‘Rishta’ And It’ll Burn You Up

The institution of arranged marriage is a weird one. It is like you are going to buy something, you check the quality and then bargain. And then finally, you decide whether the ‘product’ will serve your needs and your irrational desires or not. Don’t you feel that we have commodified marriage? An institution which is SUPPOSED to be based on love and trust but instead we have converted it into something so market like!
Arranged marriages are an ordeal, especially when one party rejects the other one for reasons beyond comprehension of the ones with brains! These Pakistani women have tweeted about the cause which led to the demise of their dream of ‘finding a soulmate,’ because, yes, that is what arranged marriages do!

This twitter user @oh_my_mascara asked women to post about why they were rejected by the ‘Rishta people.’ She tweeted,

Ladies, quote this with whatever physical appearance you were rejected for by rishta people. I was rejected yesterday for bad front teeth.

It was retweeted by many women and the replies will leave you thinking. Take a look at all the ludicrous reasons.

1. Oh! Yes, because all these things are so sensible

2. ‘Not a model like look,’ they say!

Medium height,Not goori chitti,Why interested in job/studying after marriage/Not a model like look.Also,Doctor banty banty age zada ho gae😎 https://twitter.com/Oh_My_Mascara/status/835893498440114176 

3. Because speaking up your own rational mind is so offensive to the dumb ones

rejected x times because i was 'moo phat,' rude & confrontational. BC, you've come here inspecting a human like a horse & i'm the rude one? https://twitter.com/Oh_My_Mascara/status/835893498440114176 

4. Women working is beyond the chaukat!

In non physical things, too educated, working women, reads too much, is only daughter so must be really laadli, too introverted, etc, etc. https://twitter.com/Oh_My_Mascara/status/835893498440114176 

5. Because ladkiyaa getting tez is so hanikarak, they can kick your ass harder now!

I was rejected because "hamaray Betay ko ziada parhi hoi nai chahye, wo kehta hai parh kr larkyan taiz ho jati hain" https://twitter.com/Oh_My_Mascara/status/835893498440114176 

6. Doing what you love has zero value!

I was rejected last year for telling them that I love working in media and won't quit. https://twitter.com/oh_my_mascara/status/835893498440114176 

7. Beware, girls, too much talking can lead you to not getting married at all!

Ladies, quote this with whatever physical appearance you were rejected for by rishta people. I was rejected yesterday for bad front teeth.
@Oh_My_Mascara a friend was rejected for being 'too talkative'. What even?!

8. The smart ones finally!

Btw 80% of rishta walas didn't even come over when they found out I was a working woman with no intentions of quitting. Yep https://twitter.com/Oh_My_Mascara/status/835893498440114176 

9. Really, for glasses? Couldn’t come up with any other innovative reason? Oh! come on, rack your brains, you can!

10. Yay! Finally an acceptance. Wait until you read the reason!

I was actually accepted by an aunty for her 33 year old son, only because I was 20. YEAH THAT WAS THE ONLY REASON. :) https://twitter.com/oh_my_mascara/status/835893498440114176 

11. Ah! The classic one- SKIN COLOUR.

I've also been rejected on the basis of my skin colour and the fact that I fail to turn myself into a pastry by using so much makeup ✌️ https://twitter.com/Oh_My_Mascara/status/835893498440114176 

12. Yeah, modernity is all in the appearance!

13. Thighs! Well, you heard it right. They scan you.

@Oh_My_Mascara bakra mandi kehta hun main tou. Aagay peechay se check karna aur Kya hota hai?
@june_aid Mandi hi hai. My cousin was rejected once and they were like her thighs are a bit 'heavy' moti hojaye gi foran.

14. Because fairness also guarantees a happy life!

@DaniaSiddiqui95 Yes like you're the best show piece in the market.
@Oh_My_Mascara Exactly! This is just our society,I've suffered so much just because of my brown complexion as they all call it "kaali"
This is what it has been since times immemorial. It is not only in Pakistan but it happens in India and many other countries! Girls are judged for all the wrong reasons. And the boys go scot free. Why? Well, because they have a penis! If only, roughly after 2 lakh years of our existence we cannot even be logical enough to shed our senseless values, seriously, have we evolved or are we de-evolving?

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