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People Faces These Awkward Moments At Airport Security!

We all travel by airlines these days. Airline travel these days has become quite cheap compared to rail or road travel. There are numerous economy airlines like Spice or Indigo which provide reasonable tickets. Even Go Air, Jet Airways and Vistara are providing decent service. A recent entrant Air Asia has also done well in this sector.
As we all know the security is really tight. A lot of frisking is done at domestic and international airports these days. Some of this frisking done by Airport Authority of India can be really embarrassing.
Those of us sitting at home feel lucky to watch such videos on the internet. But, for the ones being frisked by the Airlines such as Jet Airways or Vistara it can be really embarrassing.
Vistara provides really reasonable tickets for Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Bangalore routes. We can say the same about Jet Airways and other budget airlines such as Spicejet, Indigo and Go Air.
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A lot of viral prank videos are going viral on Facebook and Twitter these days. One such video is going totally viral on Facebook these days.
A girl is consistently asking her boyfriend to talk to her in the night. The boyfriend is very tired and claims to be very sleepy. He is apparently not interested in talking to his girlfriend.

So, the girl asks him to continue talking and do some trash talk. The boy pretends to be naive and does not do any trash talk with the girl.
We must say that the couple is looking very neat and stylish and fashion conscious. The girls looks like a style diva and wants to have a naughty conversation.

The boy refuses to have an such conversation with his girlfriend and gets completely pissed off with her. Finally, the boy is enraged at his style icon girl friend.
He gets enraged and starts speaking in Punjabi with the girl. The girl is very sophisticated and converses only in English. She gets upset when the boy speaks in Punjabi.

Do watch this funny video:

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