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Preeti Simoes Reaction On Kapil Sharma’s Marriage With Ginni Chatrath

Preeti wished kapil
Kapil Sharma is now a well-known face in the Indian Industry. He not only runs his own show but has also worked on the silver screen in the past. Just like many popular celebrities, he is also very secretive about his personal life, especially love-life. The stand-up comedian has been linked to his show’s director Preeti Simoes in the past. But we never heard from the two officially.
Preeti wished Kapil
However, today Kapil went an unconventional way by revealing his relationship with girlfriend Ginni. But here is someone who wished him luck before doing so.
Kapil Sharma chooses Twitter to tell his fans about his alleged girlfriend Ginni Chatrath. Kapil deserves an applause as he managed to keep his relationship low-profile for so long. Now we know why he didn’t mind when people were busy linking him with Preeti. Because he and Preeti both knew that he actually loves someone else and it doesn’t matter as long as they know about it.
Preeti wished kapil
Today, he shared a message with fans telling them to wait for a while before he reveals something special to them. After half an hour he uploaded a pic with his girlfriend Ginni with a very sweet caption. Kapil received wishes from many.

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