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Puppy Fall In Love With Little Crab And Don’t Want To Let Him Back To Sea

Having a pet is the best way to make yourself busy and dogs are very popular in this category because they have all the qualities to make you feel safer all home. This creature is born with great sense of smell. Adding to their qualities we are sharing a video based of 2-year-old puppy which is really busy in chasing a grab. Her master Jason wheeler has a habit of walking on famous beaches and making new friends. Recently they have visited a famous island in South Carolina. Her master noticed that Madeline chasing a little crab.

Only This Type Of Stuff Can Really Make To Relaxing

After completing all day work and It’s time to get back to home. Everyone wants to just relax in the evening and only this type of stuff can really make to relaxing .This was captured when Madeline the little puppy was walking with her master and it was bight sunny day and Madeline was playing with her owner and noticed a little creature moving here and there very fastly. After chasing it this ghost grab started playing with her and start moving zigzag way. Her master captured all this and created a video. Scroll down to view it.

Ghost Grab Started Playing With Her

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