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Real Behavior Of Call Center Girl During A Call With Customer Will Make You Like WTF

The Tele-Communication Industries has created so many employment opportunities in India. One such source of employment has been the emergence of “Call-Centers” which today form a fundamental link between the company and its customers.
Call centers is used by many big firms like ICIC Bank, SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, mostly all the banks uses call centers to help their customers. Banks has fixed timings according to the need of an user like if a user need to change his mobile number associated with his bank account then their is a fixed timings i.e 10am – 8pm but if you lost your debit card then you can contact customer care anytime they will help you.
All the telecom companies like Vodafone , Airtel , Idea , Reliance etc provides customer support to their users which plays an important role for an user as each telecom company is well known about competition with other telecom companies. Loss of a user for a telecom company like Idea Vodafone Airtel is a big lose.
Now a days Call-centers has turned into a big industry. All the online + offline firms need call center support for their existing users and customers.
Call centers plays an important role in the development of a company. The way an executive treats to their customer decides how long a user going to use their services.

Vodafone Store.

Ladies are also get employed in the call centers and they play an active role in this field. Here is the video of a call center woman that how she speaks to her customers. If you don’t mind Watch It.

Watch the video :-

Share it with your friends. They can’t fool a customer like she is fooling.

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