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Relaince Jio Introduces New Tariff Plans And Its Balle Balle Moment For Jio Users!

Mukesh amabani has rolled out various plans for Reliance Jio such as prime membership and other offers. Prime membership entails the user to pay a one time fee of Rupees 99 and then pay 303 per month. The user gets 1 GB data free daily and in addition free voice calls.
Basically, Prime Membership is a n extension of Free service which has been going on till now. Aaprat from the 303 plan , Reliance Jio and Mukesh Ambani has come up with two more plans, let’s take a look at both offers.

149 Plan :-

In this plan, user will get only 2 GB of data free per month but the user continues to receive free voice calls which are unlimited. This plan is still much better than most plans offered by other telecom companies such as Idea, Voodafone or Airtel.

499 Plan :-
This plan is for those who are not satisfied even with 1 GB data per day. In the 499 plan users will get 2 GB data free per day which means 60 GB data per month instead of 30 GB per month.
Along with that, Jio has some new offers for non-prime users too; they are priced at Rs 999. Rs 1499, Rs 4999 and Rs 9999.
Rs 999 per month – Unlimited calling + 60 GB data!
Rs 1999 per month – Unlimited calling + 125 GB data!
Rs 4999 per month – Unlimited calling + 350 GB data!
Rs 9999 per month – Unlimited calling + 750 GB data!
So, which plan are you going to go for? Reliance Jio and Mukesh Ambani have definitely smashes all telecom firms such as Airtel and Vodafone. Share these great plans with your friends.

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