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Rishi Kapoor Lashed Out Hard At Twitter Trolls And Even Sent Extremely Abusive DMs To Them

Rishi Kapoor has never been known for subtlety on Twitter. The actor has had some of the most fierce battles on the platform. When a troll attacked Deepika, he valiantly came to her aid. When trolls spewed nonsense about Saif and Kareena’s baby, he lashed out.

Most recently, Rishi Kapoor held a sort of quiz on Twitter and asked the following question.

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QUIZ. What do Rishi Kapoor and Karan Johar have something similar and common between them?
Innocuous question, right?

And here’s the answer that he had expected:

THATS THE ANSWER! We have sons named after our fathers. Touch wood! Quite a few got it though. Thank you for racking your brains lol https://twitter.com/uzmars/status/838404244118073351 
However, can we really expect Twitter to be so cooperative? I don’t think so.

Soon enough, Twitter trolls swung into action and dropped some less than savoury answers which absolutely infuriated Mr Kapoor.

1.  Bold response to say the least.

QUIZ. What do Rishi Kapoor and Karan Johar have something similar and common between them?

2. Wonder what brought along that prediction.

Soon after his ‘fuck you, dickhead’ comment, people hit back. However, Rishi Kapoor was in no mood to back down.

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Another Twitter user tried to calm him down.

However, he wasn’t willing to listen.

Not holding back at all, are we?
It’s incredible how easily people of a celebrity stature spew out abuses from their official handles. When you are an influencer on social media, you set an example with everything that you post. Hundreds of people learn from the way you use social media and start to imitate it. Do we really want 1000s of fans spewing out ‘fuck you, dickhead’? Let’s not normalise the use of such language on social media by influencers at least. That’s all.

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