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School Boy Kissed Girl On Delhi Streets This Video Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

India is an incredible country in true terms. One would never imagine doing things which Indians had already implemented in real life. It is truly astounding how Indians never fail to impress us.
school boy
Be it in an absurd manner or anything extraordinary, they could surpass anyone. We witness a lot of incidents in our daily life- some are extremely funny, some are totally disappointing, some are scary as hell and some fill us with confidence.
school boy
But the bottom line is at the end of the day, whatever be the situation, we Indians are just awesome. And there are some things which one will only see in India.
school boy
Being a democratic country in true terms, citizens of India have absolute freedom to do whatever they want. They are provided with every right imaginable. And so we are free to do experiment with our talents and imaginations.

school boy
Some of these incidents are so amusing that they bring a smile to our faces. And the thing to be noticed is that such comical events only takes place in India. IT ONLY HAPPENS IN INDIA!
school boy
There are a lot of videos which are uploaded on the Internet every other day. These videos are so humorous and sometimes bizarre that it grabs our attention right away. They are often shared on various social networking sites and do the rounds on the entire social media.

Some people adeptly perceive the right timings and make videos which often goes viral on the Internet. Here is a compilation of many short funny videos. These will entertain you a lot.
school boy
In the video, a school boy kissed a girl on the streets of India.
PDAs are not that common in India and are usually demurred. Therefore this video of a school boy kissing his girlfriend on the busy streets of India attracted people’s attention right away.
Watch the full video here!
I hope you liked it.

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