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Secret Behind Your All Time Favorite Magic Tricks Finally Revealed. This Is How They Do It

As a child, we all remember being surprised by the magic tricks performed by the magicians. They perform the tricks so cleverly that we had no other option than to believe that these tricks are for real. Even the grown ups can’t help saying, “OMG, How Is this possible?”
But today we will reveal their biggest secret behind these tricks. Today you”ll get to know the explanations behind the 5 all time favorite magic tricks.
Making smoke rise from your fingers
For this magic trick you need just a matchbox. Take a match and cut one of its striker sides. Cut out the flammable surface from the cardboard. Fold the strip and light it up. Let it burn and collect the residue produced by the burning. This white residue is the hero of your trick. Rub this white phosphorous residue on your thumb and index finger to make them smoke. Don’t forget to wash your hands after your performance.
Bending a spoon
First of all, hide a small silver coin in your hand. Now put the oval end of the spoon by the table. And act as if you are using a lot of force to bend the spoon. As you are doing it, slowly place the coin on top of the handle so that it will give a bend structure to the spoon to the audience.
Levitate a person above the table
For this trick, the magician’s assistant shall lie down on the table. Dress of the assistant plays a major role here. The magician will make sure that she is wearing a long dress in order to hide space beneath the table. Moreover, the dress should be long enough to touch the ground. The magician then proceeds to act to float her above the table. This is actually achieved by a special lifting mechanism specially designed to perform these tricks.
Sawing a Woman into parts
This is a classic magic trick performed at almost all the magic shows. This illusion can be performed by two ways. One using fake legs and the other using two women. The latter one is used more as it is more accurate and looks realistic than the former one.
Pulling a rabbit out of a hat
To perform this trick, you”ll obviously need a rabbit. Apart from a rabbit, you would need a table, a table cover, and a hat. Create your own sack by taking a black cloth. Tie its all four sides loosely to prepare a sack. Place a rabbit inside it and hang the sack at the side of your table. Don’t forget to hang the sack towards you. It should not be visible to the audience.
At the beginning show the empty hat to the audience. Now comes the most important part of the magic trick. Put the hat on the table, but the hat should be opened at the table surface. Carefully slight the sack into your hat. You may even make some movements showing that you are conjuring. Now show the hat to the audience and surprise them with the rabbit in it
So the next time you go to watch a magic show, you know beforehand the secrets behinds all of those tricks. Enjoy!

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