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Apple is set to redesign the way its devices are connected. According to a WSJ report, Apple could probably ditch the ever-present lightning port in favour of the USB Type C this year. The change could first show up on the iPhone 8, the 10th anniversary device from the Cupertino giant.
That, and the iPhone 8, could come with a curved display, is what WSJ has to report on Wednesday.
Ditching the lightning port sounds unlike Apple, which has always believed in setting its own standards and connectivity measures. However, it’s worth pointing out that in 2016, Apple opted forh Type C for the MacBook, so maybe this move doesn’t look out of place, after all.
Looking at the broader picture, this could be Apple’s way of warming up to its India journey, which is expected to begin with its assembling unit in Bengaluru from April this year.
Android is India’s choice of mobile operating system (OS), and for good reason. Price variations, combined with ease of use, makes it the go-to option for buyers, and USB Type is at the forefront of it with devices costing as low as Rs 10,000 now supporting the standard.
USB Type C could mean that the post-Steve Jobs ere at Apple is looking to move itself along with its industry peers, something that has already become visible with the Apple-Microsoft friendship and even Google to some extent.
Lightening ports have been sort of nightmare for Apple users from day 1. The ones that Apple make never last for more than 6 months, and third-party cables don’t come cheap.
Fellow Apple users that we spoke to aren’t thrilled about the supposed move, but they’re not complaining either.
How many of you have asked for an iPhone cable in the office but mostly got Android chargers? That could be about to change, especially if Apple are serious on the matter at hand.

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