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Shahrukh Khan’s Reply To Pakistani Chaiwala’s ‘I think I look like Shah Rukh’ Comment Is Worth Reading

It doesn’t take much time for someone to become famous in the virtual world. One such similar incident happened to a Pakistani Chai Wala. The blue eyed Pakistani Chai Wala rose to fame after his photo went viral on social networking sites. Arshad khan is the person who became an overnight star with his one photo.
He even got offers of modeling after his pic surfaced the internet. However, he took his fame a bit too seriously. A few days back, he was asked in an interview which celebrity he thought he resembled. He surprised everyone with his answer. Answering  to this question, he said “Shahrukh Khan.”
What? Yes, you heard it right. Even we were taken aback after hearing his answer. It’s not easy to name a superstar in front of media. It can even backfire you and you can end up being trolled up. However, he was lucky nothing like that happened to him.
Watch the video here

This video is going viral all over the Internet where Arshad was seen telling the reporter that he looks like King Khan.

Even Shahrukh saw the video in which he said that he looks like him. Shahrukh not only saw the video but also complimented Arshad for his simplicity.
Later the superstar Tweeted, ““How sweet is this. Beauty lies in simplicity,”. It’s like a dream came true for any Shahrukh Khan fan to get a tweet from the superstar himself. The Pakistani chaiwala is one of social media’s rags-to-riches story. And getting noticed by the superstar is like a dream come true.
King Khan is known for his big heart but this sweet gesture had made us love him even more.
This is the tweet of King Khan appreciating him for his simplicity
Arshad who lives with his 16 siblings was also invited to a Pakistani Tv show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, on the ARY network, where h was given a makeover. Moreover, his stardom landed him a modeling offer from Islamabad-based retail site.

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