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Shruti Haasan’s Look Has Completely Changed – Has She Undergone A Lip Surgery?

Shruti Haasan’s Look Has Completely Changed – Has She Undergone A Lip Surgery?
The gorgeous actress Shruti Haasan looks quite different in the recent pictures. There is something strange when we look at the photos of Shruti. On 22nd March 2017, Shruti Haasan spotted at Film City for her shooting. Everything appears like a normal shoot but there is something different in her look. Well, just have a look at the lips of Shruti Haasan. There are numerous rumours about the appearance of Shruti Haasan. The actress might have undergone surgery for her lips.
In the recent times, there are some actresses who got sea food allergy. Some of them thought that Shruti also had some kind of sea food allergy. But, the new look of Shruti doesn’t appear like lip surgery. However, this new look had impressed us very much. Check out some other pictures of the actress Shruti Haasan in the new look. Here is all you need to know about the surgeries that Shruti had undergone for her professional career. You can also know the details about her next film and a lot more.
Shruti Haasan’s Previous Nose Surgery
Shruti Haasan is quite particular about her things. She doesn’t like concealing things. Long back, the actress Shruti Haasan had undergone nose surgery and she doesn’t have any kind of uncertainties about it. She reportedly accepted that she herself chooses for the surgery and there is nothing to hide in it. In just couple of days, Shruti Haasan will flick on her upcoming film Katamarayudu and acted with power star Pawan Kalyan.
Shruti Undergone Lip Job for Next Flick?
We have seen Shruti Haasan’s look normally in that picture. But, the actress looks abnormal now. This new look of Shruti is for the next flick of her in Tollywood. Recently, we have spotted the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma with different lips. The actress had then revealed that she had undergone surgery for her lips and it is a new look for her next film Bombay Velvett. Just like Anushka, Shruti Haasan might follow the footsteps of her for her next flick. However, the actress has not yet revealed anything about her new looks.
Shruti Haasan now looks like her Mother
We all know, Shruti Haasan is the daughter of Kamal Haasan and the actress Saarika. Now, after making her lip job, Shruti appears just like her mother. It seems that the actress could have taken her mother as inspiration and undergone the lip surgery.

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