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Shweta Tiwari’s Young Daughter Is Even More Gorgeous Than Other Star Kids!

Shweta Tiwari is a well known TV Hottie who acted in the show Kasauti Zindagi Ki on Star Plus. She was on screen wife of Mr. Bajaj who was played by Ronit Roy. Shweta Tiwari also appeared in the reality TV Show Big Boss and other such shows.
Shweta Tiwari is known as a style incon and fashionista The gorgeous Shweta Tiwari has an even more gorgeous daughter, did you know?

Shweta Tiwari on Instagram.

Cutest pic on Shweta Tiwari’s Instagram.

Shweta Tiwari was married to Raja Chowdhar. Shweta Tiwari and Raja Chowdhary have a beautiful daughter called Palak Tiwari.

Palak Tiwari has shared her grorgeous picture on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Palak Tiwari is giving tough competition to other star kids these days.
So what do you think about Palak Tiwari’s looks? Do you think Palak Tiwari is as gorgeous as her Mom Shweta Tiwari?
Let us know your thoughts and share this link on your facebook if you feel Palak Tiwari is a grogeous young babe.
We wish Palak Tiwari all the best for the future. We hope Palak Tiwari becomes a big star in the future and earns a lot of fame as a style icon and fashionista. Fashionable young women like Palak Tiwari are a great gift to the Indian entertainment industry.

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