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Sonam Kapoor Slams Dailies For Clicking And Captioning Her Pictures Very Distastefully

SonamSonam Kapoor has never failed to make a statement. Be it her red carpet style moments or the voice of her thoughts, the diva resonates almost every time she steps out and the panache with which she does is newsworthy. While dear friends in the media try to play catch-up, the game that paparazzi plays (the same that killed princess Diana), is vicious, to say the least.
No this is not just hearsay, there are instances to prove the aforementioned but let we warn you, the adjectives used could vary in intensity. Although we cry sexism, there is hardly any gatekeeper in the fourth estate now.

Recently, Sonam Kapoor attended a champagne launch party in her beautiful self and even beautiful Rasario Atelier creation of a black jumpsuit and turned heads. 

If you have to look twice, look at this.

Gorgeous, isn’t she?

While you’d think that, national dailies of repute thought otherwise. After sifting through the ruffles, publications chose to go ahead with the following.

However, amidst all the sexism, B-town beauties came out in Sonam’s support and applauded her stand. 

1. Yes, you do!

2. Choice, a word people hardly understand!

We stand with you, Sonam. Thank you for taking a stand for all of us.

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