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Sonu Sood’s Shocking Reaction On An Ugly Fight That Took Place Between Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover

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The ugly fight that took place between the comedy king Kapil Sharma and his ex co- actor Sunil Grover is getting big day by day. Nobody knows how to bring this huge fight to an end. Day by day this fight is taking a new curve making everyone unable to understand what will be finally going to happen in the end.
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The fight has become the talk of the town. Some are saying that Sunil has asked some time for thinking whether he need to join Kapil Sharma’s show again or not while rest says that Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar is coming up with a new Tv show. For the first time, someone from Bollywood Fraternity has reacted on this controversy.

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source: youtube
The actor is none other than Kapil and Sunil’s good friend Sonu Sood. On reaching at the red carpet of HT most stylish awards, he was asked by the reporter as to why why can’t he settle and make things pelting and hearty between the two comic heroes.
He said- ” Bhaiyo me kya sulah hoti hai yaar? yeh sab to chalta rehta hai, vo jaldi hi saath lautenge. Dono hi bahut pyare insaan hein aur zindagi me utaar- chadav to aate rehte hein. Parivar me takraar hoti rehti hai lekin chinta karne ki koi baat nahi hain. He was so confident that Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are bound to mitigate and these discord are all part and parcel of life.
source: YouTube
We also believes that it is likely to have ups and downs in a family but the sort of news that is coming from this controversy, we don’t think that the family of ” The Kapil Sharma Show” is in any mood to reunite again. According to sources, many actors denied to come for the shooting and due to this reason Kapil has to cancel the shooting. Rest let’s see what dispute resolution will come up. Looking forward for an end to the controversy.

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