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Sunil Grover Will Get Back To The Show Only If His This Condition Is Fulfilled

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s verbal war now seems like never ending. A lot has been happening from past few days. From Kapil misbehaving with his team to Sunil quitting the show, the internet is surfaced with their news. It all started in Melbourne when Kapil abused his team members including Sunil Grover.

Sunil Grover is one of the most popular actors of The Kapil Sharma Show. Therefore, makers of the show couldn’t afford to lose him. Buzz is that they were the one who convinced Kapil to apologize for his actions.
Sources say, “Sony is fearing huge losses because a chunk of the target audiences tune into the show to watch Sunil. Last time, when Sunil left Comedy Nights, the TRPs had dropped badly. This is the only show on Sony which is working really well. So the makers don’t really want to take a risk. Hence they have asked Kapil to go ahead and get the issue sorted.”
Although Kapil apologized for his actions but Sunil is not willing to come back to the show at the cost of his self-respect. Following the incident, Sunil posted a hard-hitting message on Twitter for Kapil. In the message, he asked Kapil to respect everyone.

It was evident from the message that Sunil was terribly miffed at Kapil’s behavior. He also hinted that he might leave the show.
Kapil keeping his calm replied that he loves Sunil and will meet him in the evening. He went to meet Sunil to his house to convince him to come back on the show.
However, Sunil is in no mood to come back to the show. He has put forward one condition to come back which has shocked the makers. He wants the production team to increase his pay.
If the producer wants him back on the show they would have to increase his pay. They are left with no option than to give in to his demands due to his popularity. This is what they say paying off for the sins. Looking at the popularity of Dr. Mashhoor Gulathi producers might have to accept his demands.

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