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Sunil Grover wins big against Kapil Sharma

Sunil Grover wins big against Kapil Sharma
In a poll that InUth.com ran on Facebook for some time, Sunil Grover has defeated Kapil Sharma in terms of popularity. The two stars who share screen space in The Kapil Sharma Show have become household names. Both experiment with their characters time and again giving viewers a huge dose of entertainment. But looks like Sunil Grover is way ahead of Kapil Sharma in terms of fan following.
The two comedians have been in news lately after their infamous fallout. Kapil Sharma yelled at Sunil Grover on a flight from Australia to Mumbai. This fight between them was extensively reported in media and it was also said that Kapil assaulted Sunil physically. After the matter gained limelight, Kapil took to Facebook to clear the air on the matter.
Kapil wrote, “First of all see where it is coming from. What are the intentions behind this? If I fought with him in the flight then who saw it and informed you. Is he trustworthy? Some people enjoy these kind of stuff. The funnyman said that he and Sunil eat and travel together. I meet my brother once in a year and spending almost everyday with my team, especially Sunil. I love him. I respect him. Kapil said that he had an argument with Sunil. But are we not normal people? I shouted at him first time in five years. Itna to chalta hai bhai (this much is okay).”

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